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Trophy Deer Hunting with Corporate QDM Leases Available

Trophy Deer Hunting at RoseAllen Plantation Georgia

RoseAllen Plantation cordially invites you and your guests to experience Georgia Deer Hunting in the traditional Southern Style. We are a full service deer hunting and fishing lodge dedicated to bringing you and your guest the ultimate deer hunting experience. We make sure every possible preparation is made to ensure an enjoyable and successful hunt.

Deer hunting at RoseAllen Plantation is offered through guided deer hunts, deer hunting memberships or exclusive QDM deer leases. We feel these options help us control hunting pressure, which results in more trophy bucks seen and harvested.

RoseAllen Plantation's goal is to provide the best Trophy Deer Hunting and Fishing experience with low hunting pressure and the least number of guests on the plantation at one time. We want you and your guest to feel at home and to come back to RoseAllen Plantation.

Guided Trophy Deer Hunts

Our Guided Trophy Deer Hunts gives guests some of the best deer hunting in Georgia. With over 37 years of quality deer management, deer hunting at RoseAllen Plantation offers the opportunity to harvest a real trophy class buck. We book a vary limited  number of deer hunts per year. You will be able to tell  the first day on stand!

Exclusive Quality Deer Management Georgia Hunting Leases

Our Exclusive QDM Georgia Hunting Leases 2023 gives deer hunter's access to prime deer hunting land without any of the drawbacks. Posting property, maintaining gates, locks, planting food plots ect. RoseAllen Plantation's exclusive qdm deer hunting Leases are managed the same as the rest of the plantation. Our QDM leases includes spring and fall food plots, supplemental feeding programs, stands, deer processing, year around lease management, security plus lodging.

Deer Hunting Memberships

Our Deer Hunting Memberships gives members and guests the best deer hunting in Georgia plus year-round access for hunting and fishing. Deer Memberships includes deer stands, over 45 food plots, lodging, deer cleaning station, deer processing, supplemental feeding programs plus discounts on quail, pheasant, dove, turkey and chukar hunts.

RoseAllen Plantation has intensely managed the whole plantation for whitetail deer for over 31 years, sparing no expense in the management of the land for deer hunting. RoseAllen plantation is managed by controlled burning, helping native forage, legumes and by developing year-round food plots, contributing to bigger bucks, more quail, turkey, and doves. From mid-January though the summer we use our supplemental deer feeding programs, which in includes high protein feed, soybeans and peanuts. We also implement a year-round food plot programs. The deer food plots consist of high protein corn, peas, clover, alfalfa, peanuts, vetch, sorghum, wheat, oats, etc.

Georgia Deer Memberships 2023 includes deer and predator hunting, fishing, food plots, tree stands, summer feeding program general use of lodge and year round access to property. Limit 2 Bucks. *Second Buck must be larger than the first. Plus ten does. 6,000.00 per year

Feel free to give us a call for more information or to schedule a tour of the plantation at 912-293-5014. We look forward to seeing you.

Make your reservations for 2023-2024 at Roseallen Plantation.

Georgia Guided Deer Hunts
RoseAllen Plantation's deer management program has been in effect for over 29 years! RoseAllen Plantation’s deer management techniques are state-of-the-art. From mid-February though the summer we feed the deer our own  Proprietary blend of soybeans and peanuts. We also have a year-round food plot programs. Tower and ladder stands are located throughout the property. RoseAllen Plantation's stands have been constructed with hunter comfort, safety, and concealment in mind. Bucks harvested must have eight points and antlers extending outside the ears.

Muzzelloader:  October 9 thur October 15 
Firearms: October 16 thru January 9

Shoot your next trophy deer at RoseAllen Plantation with one of our custom muzzleloaders or custom centerline rifles!

Rate Information
Four day guided deer hunt: $2,800.00
Three day guided deer hunt: $2,250.00
Two day guided deer hunt: $1,600.00

Meals $150.00 per day
Lodging included

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Trophy Whitetail Deer Georgia Corporate Deer Memberships and Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts
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